Committed to the Customer

Arnold Vending is committed to providing you, our customer, with the widest variety of quality products available by featuring name brand products that you recognize and trust. We divide the products stocked in our stores and in our machines into 3 distinct categories: core products, products for health conscious individuals and driver’s choice.

Core Products

Core products are popular products like Snickers, Dasani Water, Gatorade & Smith’s Milk.

Driver's Choice Products

Driver’s choice products are stocked at the discretion of our service personnel. Driver’s choice placements allow our service personnel to listen to your employees’ suggestions and respond to their requests. Our service personnel are given additional incentive in this area, because part of their compensation is based on sales on their respective routes.


Healthy Alternative


Health conscious products are items such as baked snacks, granola bars, peanuts, crackers, and snack mixes that help support a more healthy lifestyle. A variety of health conscious products are stocked in our stores and in our machines at all times. Check out our “Healthy Alternative Nutritional Guide” with nutritional facts for many of our “Healthy Alternative” offerings. Facts include; calorie, fat, fiber and Weight Watchers® Points totals.


Our snack machines will have ‘Snack Savvy’ selections identified with green spirals and our ‘LOOK’ decal. These snack selections will feature whole grains, high fiber and vitamin fortified snacking choices.

Our fresh food program is what it says, fresh food!! It is produced and delivered to you daily from our kitchens in Tiffin. Each item is prepared to our exacting standards of quality and freshness. We closely supervise every step in the food preparation process. From monitoring the quality of ingredients from our suppliers to insuring that coolers in our delivery trucks maintain the proper temperature for optimum freshness, we can assure our customers that they are receiving the highest quality, fresh food available in the industry.

Nutritional specs of Arnold Vending food products.

We know that nothing beats a good cup of coffee. That’s why we use only coffee’s that are of the highest qualities in our industry.

Fresh Hot Coffee Vending! We also offer decaf, hot chocolate, tea, and flavored gourmet cappuccino in some of our machines. We are currently using the following flavors of cappuccino: French Vanilla, Butterfinger, English Toffee, White Chocolate Caramel and Mocha.


We stock all of the major soft drink supplier’s brands in cans and 20 oz. bottles.

In addition, we have several flavors of Gatorade available.

Because of today’s more health conscious society, we have been experiencing a growing demand for 100% fruit juices and juice drinks. We carry a wide variety of fruit juices from Florida Natural, Welch’s, V-8, Sunny Delight, and Veryfine.


We receive daily shipments of fresh pastries, as well as baking our famous cookies daily!


We offer all major candy brands, along with other healthy alternatives. For our bagged snacks, Frito Lay is our main supplier, but we also use many other manufacturers’ products for variety. These brands include Ballreich’s, Mr. Nature, Keebler, Gardetto’s, Snyders, Poore Brothers and TGIF. As always, if you are looking for something that is not in our machines, please mention it to our service personnel. We will try to accommodate your request.


Fresh milk and yogurt from Smith Dairy is delivered to our warehouse in Tiffin every day. In turn, this is immediately routed to your location insuring that the dairy products in your machines are the freshest dairy products available.

A fresh, crisp apple or a ripe, juicy orange makes a great snack. At Arnold Vending, we receive shipments of fresh fruits every week to satisfy these healthy snack requests.


Made fresh daily in our commissary.