Market Cafe is essentially an on-site convenience store.
We will build and customize the Market Cafe store to fit your workplace.

Market Cafe advantages over traditional vending:
  • Inviting, open market environment.
  • The ability to inspect items and check nutritional content before purchase.
  • Near limitless variety of products – not just what will fit inside a vending machine. Market Café will offer deli-style sandwiches, garden salads and fresh bananas.
  • Flexible payment options. You can pay with a credit card, Market Café prepaid card, or cash. No more loose change!
  • No empty machines or ‘hung’ product.
  • Reduced energy usage over traditional vending machines.


We are a full line vending operator. We offer a near limitless selection of sodas, waters, coffees, snacks, fresh foods, and frozen products. For more information about the vending products available, please visit our Products page.


We cater your events. From box lunches to sit-down meals to barbeques, Arnold Vending has the facilities and staff to serve you.

Catering Menu

Office Coffee

We offer the national brands along with some of our own favorites. We can bring cocoas, teas, and decafs too. Our coffee equipment comes at no cost when purchasing our coffee products.